Action Spot

ActionSpot Startup Studio is turning ONE and YOU get the treats!

ActionSpot has made it to it’s FIRST YEAR IN BUSINESS! As anyone who has started a business can attest, this is a HUGE milestone!
We want to celebrate by inviting all of our new and old friends for a night of FUN, NETWORKING, TREATS, and maybe even a TRICK or two!

Come join us on Friday, October 27, for a night of fun, frolic, and a wee bit of business (we could use the tax write off!)
No need to come in costume, we will be providing masks for everybody, so you can let your ‘inner super-hero’ loose! This night will be focused on networking, so ignore your inhibitions and have your stack of business cards handy!


6:30 – 7:00 Networking
7:00 – 7:45 3 Pitches from 3 of our ActionSpot Members in front of a panel of VCs
7:45 – 9:30 – Networking game, cocktails, and maybe even some dancing for the truly brave!