Action Spot

Kimberly Daly


Kimberly Daly, is a Business Development  professional who spends her days  mentoring entrepreneurs – “I find it really satisfying to help the people grow amazing businesses”. One of the first things I ask for before I work with an entrepreneur is that they: 
1. Get absolutely clear on why thier company or service is different (Most entrepreneurs never do that).

Another consideration in working with an entrepreneur is that they need to be ready for:
2. Opportunities to grow and excel in their professional and personal development.
Only then will i work with the entrepreneur to develop a plan of successful integration and profitability by looking at and implementing the below criteria:

  • What it takes to lead a sustainable business into the future
  • Digital marketing skills and social media strategies for managing a successful online presence
  • Innovative techniques for building brand loyalty and brand integration
  • Proven business practices for attracting, developing and keeping high performing staff
  • How to prepare and analyze financial statements including cash-flow and profit-loss statements, balance sheets and more
  • How to balance goals for expansion, new ventures or projects with quality and risks
  • Valuable strategies for designing and testing business concepts, preparing a business plan and pitching the plan to management or investors

Lastly and most important:
3. Generate consistent PR that gets you known as the expert in your field.