Action Spot

Dear Visitor, please be aware:

1. “Proprietary Information” means technical and business information describing or relating to the activities of ActionSpot, or its tenants, that was either generated at private expense and holds in confidence, or has received from third parties under an obligation to maintain as confidential.
2. Visitor will use the Proprietary Information only for purposes expressly authorized in writing by ActionSpot, or if by a tenant of ActionSpot, by that tenant.
3. Visitor will not:

  • disclose the Proprietary Information to any third party;
  • remove any document, equipment, or other materials from the premises;
  • record by photograph, tape, or any other means any Proprietary Information observed or received by Visitor; or
  • use the Proprietary Information for Visitor’s own use.

4. Visitor will not expose ActionSpot or its tenants to any of Visitor’s proprietary or confidential information, or to the confidential or proprietary information of any third party.
​5. The terms of any confidentiality, non-disclosure, or similar written agreement previously executed by ActionSpot (or a tenant of ActionSpot) and Visitor (or Visitor’s employer), if any, will prevail over the terms of this Agreement.

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